This is a research study to understand the impact of state-level policies and communication campaigns on substance use beliefs and behaviors in young Vermonters. The study will also help us learn how to best recruit and retain youth and young adults for future surveys.

In this study, your child will be asked to complete three brief (10-minute) online surveys over a six-month period. The surveys will occur approximately every 3 months. The surveys will ask questions about their tobacco use, recent alcohol and other drug use. The surveys will also ask about their beliefs about substance use and opinions about policies to reduce substance use. The surveys will ask whether they have seen health messaging about substance use and what they know about substance use policies in Vermont. 

There are few risks to participating in these surveys. Your child may feel uncomfortable answering some of the questions, but their name will be kept completely separate from the responses they provide.

If they participate, your child will be paid at least $50 in online gift cards for completing all three surveys. 

The information above is only a brief summary of the study.  If you are interested in learning more, it is important to read the following page for additional detailed information about the study.  If you decide to take part in the research, you will be asked to provide written consent on the next page.